Taking care of a watch

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taking care of a watch

Your watch was designed to serve you faithfully for many years.

To preserve the efficiency of your watch, automatic or quartz, we recommend you arrange for a periodic maintenance-check every two to three years.
The need for revision is due mainly to the natural degradation of lubricant oils , which may cause the wear of the mechanism.

The maintenance revision consists of complete disassembly of the watch and its mechanisms, in the washing of each component, the replacement of damaged or worn parts that might, in replacement, in lubrification, regulation, and finally, verifying the accuracy.
If your watch is waterproof we recommend to perform an annual inspection of seals and watertight.
If you own an automatic winding mechanical watch and it was not used for a period of time necessary to ensure complete autonomy, we suggest to manually load the watch from time to time, considering that if the energy of the spring drops below a certain level, the precision of the watch can be affected.
The manual winding is also needed to start the mechanism when the automatic watch, is not being used frequently.
For quartz watches, we recommend you to replace the discharged battery as soon as possible because it may leak acid that will damage the mechanism.

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